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    Thread: Petrol/oil now then

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      Petrol/oil now then

      Work this out,

      2008 - Oil per barrel $148, dollar 98c to american, petrol per litre $1.40

      2011 - Oil per barrel $88, dollar 98c to american, petrol today per litre $1.40

      Hello Julia whats going on, perhaps she should tax the petrol companies or COLES AND WOOLIES a bit more..

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      It's the highest used fluid around after water (although cheaper than water - 1 litre bottle), and people need it to get to work etc, so whats the easiest way to put money back in the tax bank?

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      I was car free up until just over a year ago,then we moved house and I had no choice but to become a car owner again.I grit my teeth(lol)every time I have to fill up or pay out on maintenance ect.Hopefully one day I'll be car free once again,but until then?I have to just try and accept the prices.Not always easy!



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