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    Thread: Coles vs Woolies

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      Coles vs Woolies

      I see theres a discount war starting with the big 2, i say bring it on big time, the shoppers here have been ripped off for too long now. Well done to Coles for bringing in 3 executives from the UK to liven things up.


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      lets hope the servo's have a price war soon !!!

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      Coles v Woolies

      I agree,competition is long overdue in Adelaide.I am in Uk at present and the competition between all the main supermarkets here provides unbelievable bargains for shoppers.

      It would be brilliant if they could adopt the buy one get one free concept as well.

      Reductions here mean reduction i.e something worthwhile like 50-70% off, i have seen reference to a reduction in Adelaide and its a couple of cents off,hardly worth changing the label.

      Hopefully the appointment of the uk people will really start to shake things up,not before time.

      I am missing the bag packing though,didnt realise how much i enjoyed that.


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      This "war" has already been going on within other stores under the umbrella's of the main company, sorry forgot their names.
      The likes of Big W, target, and K mart have been knocking spots off each other for a while especially on electrical goods. Speaking with people within these companys they cannot believe how much prices have tumbled in the last 18 months. These price cuts have forced others like JG HiFi, Hardly's and Good Geezers to become more agressive poor mr norman was on tv over Christmas complaining about the lack of margin in sales..... my heart was bleeding. The market is turning rapidly into a dollar market, which is good for the consumer.

      You can expect things to get better, as more and more people have stopped spending due to those "little" tax hikes, rising fuel and an interest rate that everyone knows is going to go up again means no one is spending.
      I was in a huge electrical warehouse only yesterday having a discussion about the same thing to the distribution managers.
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