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    Thread: 1st electric bill with solar

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      We got ours done by a company called Energy Matters - really pleased with how everything went: first they made an appointment for our metre to be changed over, then a couple of days later came and fitted the panels. Couldn't fault either their staff, or their workmanship. Fast and efficient. We just had the minimum panels (8 I think - I can't see them unless I go up the road!) as obviouisly the grant then works out as the largest percentage of the cost, and not had a bill in yet, but it's great looking at the little display on the metre box on a sunny day and seeing how much you're generating! Doubt if we'll make as much as you have (we'd have paid for the panels in six months if we did!) but every little helps :D
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      We have a 3.2kw system. It cost $11,000 6 months ago through ggg.

      I had 3 phase power fitted to the house, i do not know if that

      makes any difference. We only use the washing machine and dishwasher after 8pm.

      I have all energy saving bulbs fitted.

      We did have our tv on a lot during the day but now the oh has started working part time and the youngest is at kindy this is a big help.

      Our panels on the front of the house which is north facing. A friend of
      mine has some north facing and some west facing, he has the same system as i and he had $22.00 credit.

      He is with origin and i am with agl.

      I hope this helps with any questions or decisions.


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