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    Thread: saw the funnyist thing today

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      cornish Busdriver

      saw the funnyist thing today

      Saw the funnyist thing today.
      An accident between 2 cyclist lol lol lol
      We all know how the lycra brigade like to skip junctions, dont bother about red lights or stick to there cycle lanes but talk about karma lol lol lol.
      Some guy who failed to give way to my bus today cutting me up as he skipped a junction and came through a red light proceeded further on down the road to not bother stopping at the next junction and pulled out straight into the path of another person in lycra lol lol lol.
      Sorry but couldnt do nothing but laugh my butt off as he sat there in the road with a screwed front wheel.
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      Had a funny one in London last week.

      Cyclist cut me up in my van so i beeped him only for him to turn around and give me the finger and hit the kerb as he was not looking.

      I was wetting myself as i passed him on the floor in a tangle.
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