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      Deporting minors


      I didn't think much of Julia Gillard when she stabbed Kevin Rudd in the back and took his job. But this is even more disgusting. After all the fuss that the media have made about the MP with child porn on his computer, you would think that the government would think twice about sending vulnerable children to Malaysia without a care.

      Perhaps Ms Gillard should remember that she was once an immigrant. She was just lucky she didn't get stolen by child molesters on her journey to a 'better' world.

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      The policy sucks. It's a completely inhumane way to treat people, especially minors, but it seems a popular solution with most Australians if you look at the polls. That says a lot to me. It's ironic that immigrant ancestors of todays 'Australians' came here by boat from europe all those years ago, uninvited, but sadly everyone seems to forget that.
      Australia only wants skilled migrants that have been educated and trained at the expense of another country. The country is a leech and seems to have no interest in being a responsible, contributing member of the global society, doing the minimum to get by. If only skilled people are allowed in, who is going to do the unskilled labour? Can only assume its the kids that grow up here!
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