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      Transit in singapore

      Hi Guys,can anyone tell me which is the best Transit hotel.

      In addition does anyone know if there are any cafes or restaurants in Terminal 2 or 3 that i can get a meal consisting of say chicken and a baked potato.I am coeliac so cant have anything with wheat or gluten so sandwiches,pizza,burger king etc are not an option, so its really difficult.Want to try to avoid going in the city if possible but if anyone has any recommendations for such a meal in Singapore please let me know.

      I usually stay over but connecting flights are a nightmare during July and August so looks as if i will need to go direct,but the transit is quite a few hrs,you land in Singapore at 7.15 in the morning and fly at 23.50 that night.

      Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.

      Thanks Sue

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      Here you go cost us $65 for 6 hours last august, outside the hotel are heaps and heaps of eating places. Its right in the heart of Terminal 3 at Changi. If you are in transit i believe there is a free 2 hour tour from the airport of Singapore.




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