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    Thread: Wedding Speech help

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      Good on yer mate, never been in that position so cnt offer any ideas just wishing the couple all the best.


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      Some excellent advice from Adelaide_Bound there. So you probably don't want to say...

      "My daughter looks a million dollars, unlike her new husband who looks like he was won in a raffle!"

      "Remember, marriage isn't just a word - it's an entire sentence."

      "What a great couple you make. You know, marriage asks that a couple takes each other for better or worse which couldnít be more fitting. [Son-in-law's name], you really couldnít have done any better, as opposed to my daughter, who couldnít have done any worse."

      ...and my personal favourite...

      "It's funny how history repeats itself. I still remember sending my daughter to bed with a dummy...and itís happening all over again."

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      My dad gave me his speech after my wedding and it was amazing! He wrote it from his heart and he told me afterwards that it took him weeks to figure out what to write. He spoke a bit of my childhood and of my achievements in life and of how proud he was to have me as his daughter. He commented on my dress and how beautiful I looked, also how lovely the bridesmaids were. He said that he hadn't lost a daughter but gained a son and said that he was honoured to accept Rich into our family. He did put some humour into the speech especially as we had a large reception (you won't have this issue if you are going aboad, but I had 200 guests!!) and I had had a real nightmare with the seating plans- he thanked all the guests near the top table for their expensive wedding gifts and the back guests for the tea towel! We got married on my dads birthday which pleased him greatly and he mentioned this also.
      My dad is a very proud man and doesn't often show his real emotions, but he cried when giving his speech. I am proud and honoured to have my dad give this speech at my special day.
      Good luck with your speech and congratulations on your daughters engagement.
      JC x
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      She's just booked her wedding day, June next year at Palm Cove, Cairns, so we get a holiday out of it aswell. Just need to work that speech!!
      http://www.spb.com.au/angsana.html check out the video, brings a tear to my eye...

      So instead of a suit, it'll be board shorts!!

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      Jane & Tony
      Quote Originally Posted by lynsteve View Post
      I was thinking more........................donuts!!

      HA HAW HAW HAW> Yeah!!


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