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    Thread: Basic road rules in South Australia

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      I laughed so much at this cos its so true . My 23 year old daughter is coming out in October and wants to borrow my car and I am already panicking ...think I will just get her to read this.

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      I guess this just goes to show that wherever you are in the world, driving looks uniquely bad in that place ... until you google a few words from something like this and see the same list for just about everywhere! I wonder who it is who can actually be bothered to sit there cutting and pasting different country/region names into these things in order to personalise them?

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      Quote Originally Posted by Trakki View Post
      Very true, but also don't forget to stop at the end of a slip road even if there is plenty of room to go causing the car behind to do an emergency stop. And when driving down a road with a slip road onto it, never give way to those on the slip road, infact speed up so that the person cannot get off said slip road!
      this is one thing i see every day, often on the merge lane from seacombe road onto brighton road i pull out and go around others who have chosen to stop and wait on the merge lane.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Big Bob View Post
      lols...good one...You know what... I took these seriously on first go...When I went down till point 8 I realized its a joke ...silly me
      I did the same thing ha ha! Great post, hilarious.


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