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    Thread: Poo scared of flying

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      You can get your GP to refer you to a psychologist via Medicare. I'm not sure how many bulk bill, but I did when I lived in Adelaide.
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      wyles family
      Hi, stevo and lynn, last year we all went to adelaide for a reccie and i am really scared of flying, i didint think i would ever think i could emigrate to the other side of the world! On the plane i was in a state and nearly got off, the stewards helped me alot and i was ok there and much better on the way back, its mind over matter, drugs dont work for me, but wine helps alot...

      I think it would be good for lynn to try and see if anyone is going to adelaide at the same time that she could talk to and sit next to on the plane this would take her mind off and make the time go quicker, its true if you come and meet her then she will think she cant do it!!!

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      get very very very drunk
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      As someone else said, watch the cabin crew. I don't suffer from a fear of flying, but once I got really scared flying in a small 40 seater plane in the Caribbean, it was typical tropical weather with big storm clouds everywhere. There was a loud thud in the cabin and the plane just dropped like a stone out of the sky - this wasn't ordinary turbulance, it just went on and on dropping for what seemed like ages, I remember thinking I was going to die with a can of coke in my hand. I then looked up and saw the crew and the pilot (there was an open door to the cockpit) and they were all laughing and smiling like this was totally normal - so I relaxed and stopped thinking I was about to die!

      Also think of all the planes in the sky which safely fly day in day out. We used to live near Stansted Airport in the Uk and there were planes landing and taking off all day every day, without incident. That's just one airport - multiply that by all the airports in the world and there are thousands and thousands flying safely each day.
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      well she took off from Heathrow about now 7am sunday adelaide, just spoke to her at the departure gate, shes abit shaky, told her i'll talk to her in Singas then in 24 hours in Adelaide. So proud of her.

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