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      Is there anyone out there who could look cat sit for us from October till January?

      Hi there. I know this is a long shot, but i thought i would give it a go anyway.

      We have decided to move back to the UK, at present half our family is back in the UK and my husband and the cat are still in Adelaide. We are in the process of getting our belongings shipped back, and now the only problem we are having is finding someone to look after our house cat until January. The quarantine laws are now in our favour, and so as of January, all the cat will have to do is have the vaccination for rabies, no more waiting a certain amount of time, or quarantine at all.

      I you yourself would be able to help us i would be forever grateful, or if you might know someone who could help please please please can you get in touch.

      Thank you in advance

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      Hey guys, there is an animal shelter at Ingle Farm (Help Save the Furry Ones) who may be able to help. They do cat boarding and adoptions. You can find them through facebook or google.
      Anything is worth a try...
      good luck



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