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    Thread: Are Australian Dumb Blondes ??????

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      Are Australian Dumb Blondes ??????

      saw this article today online, i copied and pasted it, interesting....especially the last 3 sentences

      THE rest of the world sees Australia as a "dumb blonde'', a culture expert has claimed. Director of Cultural Chemistry Patti McCarthy said Aussie icons such as Crocodile Dundee and Neighbours warped the world's perception on Australians and the country's ability to wield corporate power.
      McCarthy, an expat worker who helps people overseas understand Australia's business world, said her clients often saw a move to Australia as a backwards or sidewards step.
      "The answer is we're definitely not a dumb blonde country but a lot of people expect us to be because of our laid-back nature, Neighbours and Ugg boots,'' McCarthy told mX today.
      "I meet so many people overseas who view Australia as intellectual backwater.
      "We're known for surfwear, sport and sheepskin boots, not for the bionic ear, pacemakers and ultrasounds.
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      "I've heard of workers being teased by colleagues for moving to Australia . . . they get told things like, `oh, you're taking a few years off'.''
      McCarthy said Australia wasn't doing itself any favours with its tall poppy syndrome.
      "We're like a beautiful woman with a bag over her head,'' McCarthy said.
      "It's not the Australian way to make a big noise about what we can do, but we have to be careful we don't miss business opportunities because of it.''
      She said major businesses bought into the concept, seeking senior executives overseas.
      Despite the stereotype, people were generally surprised when they reached Australia.
      "Some say they've never worked so hard in their life and we have a great work-life balance,'' she said.
      "I guess we look great and our lifestyle's great. People just don't expect us to have a brain as well.''

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      If anyone's 'dumb', it's her because her comments will go all over the world and help to establish a reputation that probably never existed in the first place.

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      some are dumb when it comes to merging with traffic
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      Need a reliable painter? need a wallpaper feature wall? then call Brant new painters.

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      I've got to say I've had personal experience of this sort of prejudice. I had a now(ex) friend say to me 'what are you going to do about your psychology career, just give it up'? Like as if they don't have psychologists in Australia...
      people are people the world over. some of them are tools.



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