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      cornish Busdriver

      Question General question for sparkys

      Just had a sparky in to check a socket cause there is a kind of burning smell.
      He checked the voltage and said its ok and the burning smell is frying ants that got in.
      Surely nothing should be frying and do you think it's worth getting it checked by someone else.
      It's already had a new socket but still got the burning smell and the wiring looks good.

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      Are you sure its not an appliance plugged in that is causing the smell .For an ant to fry it would have to go between the live terminal and the neutral ,this is very unlikely though .I have never heard of it before ,mice yes they cook great behind sockets and cookers when the chew threw the wiring .
      You should have an r.c.d (Safety switch) at the board which will trip if there is an earth fault.Also a circuit breaker if there is an overload or short.

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      cornish Busdriver
      It happen no-matter what is plugged in and the plugs heat up.
      There are circuit breakers in themsin fuse box but nothing is tripping out.
      Bloody confused on it now so not using it anymore until it gets fixed
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