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      Back to School - AAAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!

      Okay, I am having rant!

      My girls have been back at school for, oh, let's see, about five minutes and ALREADY the paperwork has started.

      Letters for this, letters for that, computer policy, school trips (only been back 3 secs and they want money - for what, they haven't done anything yet!), school holidays, receipts etc etc. What do these Aussie teachers do all day during their school hols - with all these damned letters I am geting they must have spent the whole 6 weeks photocopying!!!!!

      I feel calmer now, rant over for the moment...


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      Richard & Amanda
      Hiya Libby,

      Just to let you know that UK schools break up next Friday for a week - lovely half term.
      Enjoy being back at work!!!! I suppose you will be counting down the weeks until the April break :)

      Hopefully we will be out there by then, fingers crossed. If the house sells.

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      Back to School - ahhh bless!

      It was Ruby's first day today and I just about managed to leave the classroom without bursting into tears - sad I know. But even she, reception class has come home with bills and even HOMEWORK .... well it is reading really, but I just wanted to join in with the rant Lib and make you feel better!

      She was totally amazing and when I did pick up and crossed over the road where the kids have the lollypop sticks (I am sure they call them something different here!), she said, I would like to do that, in fact she went on, I am going to try everything now that I am a big schoolie .... priceless, here's hoping the excitement continues.


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      Chelsea started Kindy yesterday and it started then also!!!

      Bills for fees,bring something that starts with A to put on the display table, Letter of the Week Guys!!!!!

      It`s fun though, I Love It!!!


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