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    Thread: a barbie joke or two

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      a barbie joke or two

      While my wife was in the kitchen cooking breakfast , I suddenly heard a loud thud .
      Running in , I found her on the floor DEAD !
      Panicking in a blind frenzy I had no idea wot to do .
      Then I remembered ,,,,
      Ikeas do a cheap brekkie

      My mate told me he's thinking of divorcing his wife coz she hasn't spoken to him in 4 months .
      I told him to think it over very carefully because ,,,
      Women like that are very hard to find !

      My mate hired an eastern european cleaner , it took her all day to hoover the lounge .
      Turns out she's a Slovak !

      One of the seven dwarfs was arrested the other day for having sex with a giraffe .
      Apparently the other 6 put him up to it !

      If sex amongst 3 people is called a threesome & sex amongst 2 people is called a twosome .
      I now understand why they call you Handsome !

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      Bruce was dying. His wife sat at the bedside.

      He looked up and said weakly: "I have something I must confess."

      "There's no need to, " she replied. "No," he insisted, "I want to die in peace. I've rooted your sister, your best mate, her best mate, and your mother!"

      "I know," she replied, " now just rest and let the poison do its work."

      LC ;)
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