...but now he's back I'm not so sure!

I used to have a nice, fat redback who lived, quite peacefully, in the filter-bucket thing in my pool but this year her place was taken by a pobblebonk frog.

He's a lovely little thing but a) his croak drives me crazy and b) I worry that now I'm de-greening our pool (lol) the chemicals will kill him.

Soooo, I took him away. A couple of weeks passed and I began to miss his incessant croaking....until yesterday when he started again!

How far do I have to take him before he loses his homing-instinct? Am I worrying too much about the chemicals affecting him? Why won't he croak a different tune?

If anyone has any suggestions, preferably not involving frog-abuse, I would love to hear them.

Thanks, LC