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    Thread: parking glenelg

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      Could you not park on the tram route then you have quickish escape out of the bay.

      Just one more idea.

      Rob and Mel

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      Quote Originally Posted by jtct View Post
      We were down at Brighton last night from 6.30 - 8.30 for a picnic, walk and swim and parking was a nightmare even then - goodness what it will be like tonight!
      Parked way down, nearer Seacliff
      Went to semaphore last night, packed (by Australian Standards. Kept the dog on the lead even after 8pm.
      Reckon plan well and if your not drinking then walking a few Km's 'aint that bad or on the tram route sounds better.

      think it is usually free public transport after midnight but have not heard it advertised this year.

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      the Adelaide metro website has a map with all the road closures on, looks like they are offering free transport as well, although think i would rather take my chances walking from the car!

      I'm hoping it will be a good night, although Henley last night sounds the same as Brighton was and I have never seen the beach in such a state it looked like what you would find in the some places in the UK not here. You would think there were no bins in sight, awful!

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      thanx every1...got parked down a side street ....an hour and a half to get home...going to get wellied now. all the best for 2012 folks xxx

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      We parked in Mosely Street near the hospital (South Glenelg) Not too far to walk either.
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