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    Thread: Arrival report - 3 days in

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      Good post.

      The exactly same thing happened to us with regards to your baggage allowance....I reckon we had the same 'trout faced' lady as well. We ended up doing the same and had to send one of our bags as excess baggage too!

      Looking forward to reading the next part now.

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      I wanna transporter! Although tbh, won't be going back to the UK in a hurry, if ever, so no issues hopefully there again!

      OK, a few more days in - jet lag went for me yesterday and for hubby today. Unfortunately, Perth is HOT and we weren't quite mentally prepared for that so a) most of my clothes are going in the bin and I'm living in a lush full length T-Shirt type dress I purchased at the harbour town outlet mall (cheap and cheerful, just what we need) and see myself living in it for a long time to come - might go and get another if I can in a different colour lol) and b) I think I've given myself heat stroke as I feel really really icky and sick - just over the jet lag and then go and overdo it in the sun trying to sort out our camper! Typical idiot Brit lol.

      Managed to do out TFN numbers (how easy is that people?! Took about 5 mins max!), now need to find out where the medicare offices are (I predict the medical building opposite the youth hostel we were staying in last week, such is the law of s*d lol) to go to tomorrow. Feel like we should be more touristy as well and 'do' more stuff - so far all we have seen is the Murray St. Mall, King Street (wow, lovely shops there!) and the drive up the Freeway to the Campsite (which is really lovely).

      Anyway, might treat myself to an afternoon nap, such is the life of one on hols still lol :D
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      I am so pleased for you, shocked though, that your there so quick!! Surprised at Singapore airlines, I was under the impression they were the best, i'd better re-think our choice!! I have been laughing at your dilema with clothes!! How relaxed is that?? Same clothes and not a care in the world....Fab!!
      Well I wish you all the luck and happiness on your adventure. You have always been a huge wealth of information and help to us here on PIA. You never now we may meet up one day in Adelaide!! Best wishes x
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