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      Do they play english football???

      Hi I love playing football on sundays and its one thing i'll miss like made is there any Teams in Adelaide?

      Do they have a good old game then off down the pub after??

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      Rob and Clare
      For my own local football club Parafield Gardens, we have social club and after matches and training most go for a beer, there's also BBQ events, and club events including a posh do at the end of the season..


      This just shows some of the local clubs but they are all over SA, apparently in Australia, Football or(Soccer) is the most popular particpent sport, and there are more football pitches than aussie rules ovals.

      And you can still cold wet muddy pitches in the winter, you won't miss a thing..

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      hi rob, we have just moved to maw lakes and i have a mad keen footballer could you let me know of a team where he can train and play locally he is 8 and i have a 10 yr old do you know if you can get golf lessons at the local course for him cheers phil

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      hi Rob and Clare thanks for the reply would it be posable to maybe train or play for your team am 26 getting old but still in good condition


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