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    Thread: Looking for a old member JanRob

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      Hi Jan! **Waving back**
      Great to hear all your news, and great to hear you've found a like-minded set of friends up there (). I'll PM you my Facebook ID in case you wanted to add another Adelaide oldtimer onto your list! Judy is up on the Gold Coast now as well so if you ever fancied a coffee with another one of us I'm sure she'd be up for it...

      My kids are now 17 and 14 - ahh the joys of teenagers.... I remember when you posted up William's first baby pics - can't believe he's 6 already!

      Anyway, better not go on as am at work, but will send you that PM....

      Diane (formerly known as CatWithClaws)
      Sometimes the grass will appear greener on the other side because it has been fertilised by bull****

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      rob still owes me that $2...and a bottle of tonic, tight bas###d..i knew i'd find you and youre now on my FB.

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      I'm so sorry to hear about your mum, and that you had the same awful experience as me Jan, with my dad passing away while I was flying over back in 2004. It's not something I would wish on anyone .... terrible time.

      On the bright side, it seems though you are well settled up there now, and believe me Adelaide has changed a bit during the last five years ...... it's so busy on the roads now, the city itself is always heaving with people, and the outer southern burbs are spreading even further. We're finally getting a two way expressway, and a new hospital in the city, and a redeveloped Adelaide Oval!!

      My hubby loves it here, he emigrated here just over 5 years ago, and I am much more settled now.

      BTW ...... how come I'm not on anyone's FB??? Except Delboy, Lorluc and Likeshopping of course!!!

      Sharon x
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      Quote Originally Posted by Gum Tree View Post
      Wow! I'm feeling the love here........or did Rob just owe you money Steve? ;0)

      Hi Dianne *Jan waves*, Hi everyone :0) You'll have to tell me who you all are, there are alot of different names on here :0o

      Well we have been up here on the Gold Coast for 5 and a half years now. Time certainly does fly! The kids are now 13, 12, 10 and 'baby' William is now 6!

      In the beginning I was VERY unsettled and missed Adelaide and my friends there greatly.......back at square one :0( Unfamiliar with everything and no friends all over again. The situation wasn't helped by the fact that we lived in our tiny caravan in a holiday park for 6 weeks before we moved into our home. Rob was at work straight away, so I was on my own all day. William was nearly walking and into everything, Ratchet was a bouncy puppy and Paddy was a senile old dog! Time's a great healer though and I look back on that period quite fondly now lol!

      Rob had a few jobs in quick succession when we first arrived (stressful) but has been overseeing the maintenace on Brisbanes 'Busway' for about 3 years now. The only downside is the commute, an hour each way...we are lucky in a way that the M1 Motorway is literally a stones throw from our house. The Gold Coast is developing a 'light rail' system and he is looking to get a job there when it is completed as it is local. I have been working too doing Nightfill at Woolies for the last 4 years. I did start training to be a Teachers Aide....but need to find a slower course delivery as 6 months full-time at T.A.F.E was too 'full on' for me when I started in January. I have been a stay at home Mum now for 14 years and I still wanted to be there for the kids assemblies, appointments etc

      The kids are all doing well at school, Emily is now in High School and William in year 1. They have a great group of friends and there is plenty to do for entertainment here.

      Friends have been hard to come by here for me...........everyone seems more snobby and 'clicky'. It is also a very transient place, so if you do find someone, they may well move on :0( After going to a couple of 'British ex Pat' meetings arly on I realised that I wasn't going to recreate the magic that Adelaide Brits did....making friends that 'got' me. When I relaxed a bit people chanced into my life...although I seem to have picked up a number of unusual friends this time....including a Transgender Lady, an ex stripper and a lovely yet thoroughly bogan family who took us under their wing <3 (lol! I'M sounding snobby now!) Ceinwen (Snowhite) is the member that has been up here numerous times, and we love to catch up when she's here xx Bob and Ginnie have stayed with us a couple of times too and we took their Daughter in as a Lodger when she started Uni up here in 2009.the less said about that the better :0s Elaine keeps threatening to come up and build me a pizza oven but we chat alot on Facebook and sometimes on the phone :0) I have a few Adelaidebrit guys on my Facebook........Delboy, Annette, Shaz, Michelle, Elaine, Ceinwen, Nikki, Sarah.........apologises if I've missed anyone.

      After 5 years I actually prefer the climate here. Summer is my least favourite Season, but the humidity seems to be getting easier to cope with each year.I love the way it cools down in the arvo here, and Winter is simply devine. It is also very green and lush here....something I missed dearly in Adelaide.I live a short trip from the 'Hinterland' ('The Green behind the Gold') drop dead gorgeous scenery,charming townships, vast rainforests and waterfall walks......Google 'Tamborine Mountain' and 'Beaudesert'..you'll get the idea :0) The other biggest positive is there is SO much to do here.....not just the big buck theme parks but just everyday stuff. I don't feel geographically trapped as i did in Adelaide here...........you can pretty much travel in any direction for an hour or two a be 'somewhere'.....but don't get me wrong Adelaide has alot of things that are missing here..........the warmth of the community, the feel of the schools (from my experiences), the intellegence of the people :0s the oldness of the architecture and of course the sun setting over the sea :0) :0)

      I am very settled here now and don't yearn to return to live in the U.K as I did. I travelled back for the first time in 2008 as my Mum was dying from Cancer.....she died whilst I was flying over........something I can never EVER change :0( :0( :0( (was it you Wizzy who also had this tragic thing happen to to too??) Despite the circumstances I loved being back, but I also came to realise that as beautiful as the U.K was and as much as my very being was English my home was now in Australia...........here my kids can be anything if they work hard enough....not something available with our particular circumstances in the U.K. I realised I missed a time in England rather than the place.............all I miss now is the sense of humour and woodland dog walks (Thank-you Woolies for importing Twiglets x)

      On a happier (but a little bit scary lol!) note Robs 87 year old Mum is coming to live with us within the next year and we are building a Granny flat to accomodate her. This will be a brilliant thing for our family but I also know it will be hard in lots as aspects too....I just hope we don't kill her off.......It's mad, cluttered and chaotic here......we have kids, dogs,budgies, mice, fish and free-ranging chickens9sometimes IN the house!) pmsl!...


      To be contined..........

      Take Care,

      Jan (Janandrob)

      Amazing, You should write a book !! lol
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      Gum Tree
      Family 2011.jpgHere a photo. Please excuse my expression...Rob was pinching my bum lol!
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