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Just completed medicals last week and sent off police checks, so visa approval shouldn't be long now. It's been a mad rush getting everything done, but it feels like we are within touching distance now - just the house to sell...

I keep researching Adelaide and getting more and more excited about it, the more I see the more enthusiastic I become! My wife and I are looking at the Noarlunga or Aldinga area, as we'd like somewhere quite quiet but near a beach for the kids, anyone got any feedback on these areas?

The one nagging concern is still the job - we don't want Kate to work until the kids go to school, so I need to find work quite quickly, which is scary. I've never been unemployed completely since I was about 14, so voluntarily giving up my job and moving with no guarantees is quite terrifying! Does anyone have advice for the quickest ways to land work?
Hi Gus,

I sent my PC this week and most probably will be doing my Medicals tomorrow. Good luck buddy with everything

Regarding finding a job, remember the thread I started on this? I've been very busy sending out CV's and even though I'm not there yet I've got some feedback from potential employers. One even asked me to go for an interview in her office last week! I had to point out that I yet had to get the visa and make the move. But she's offered to meet with me regardless and has asked me to contact her whenever I arrive.

The way I see it you have to send out CV's even though you're not there yet and an opportunity might pop up. Once you're in Adelaide if you've got some firm offers go with them and if not get signed up with head hunters and recruitment agencies. Work will come buddy. Just do what you're doing