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    Thread: Public safety announcement ( warning graphic!)

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      Thank you for removing the original pictures Tyke.

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      Quote Originally Posted by pennyblack View Post
      need I say more.

      Why a name change ? why not ? is it against the forum rules ?

      Nothing to do with Tyke, why would you think that ? because I reported his post ?

      Did I say mods favour tyke ? I think not.

      Misleading wasn't the only word I used.

      Dinners ready, Bye for now.
      Sorry didn't realise I wasn't allowed to have a laugh with members.

      I did say if you gave me permission I am more than happy to post what you said in your report, I have nothing to hide, you didn't mention the photo end of.

      Duplicate Accounts -
      It is actually against forum rules.

      You were discussing Tyke and posted this :

      Here here, I did report the post but as usual, because of who posted it, no action was taken.

      Ktee I have no doubt you treat members as equal, but some your moderators do seem to have their favourites and some members seem to get away with more than others. (My opinion)

      ​Anyway you run off and enjoy your dinner and I will close this thread so that it doesn't cause you any further upset.


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