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    Thread: Council House Cold

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      Quote Originally Posted by Dazzlin View Post
      We've only been here for a month but I can't see what all the fuss is about. However, I suspect you have to sweat your way through an Adelaide summer before you start to feel the cold in the winter, which doesn't bode well for the future!

      Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm i'll remind you of this post in 20 years time

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      It just goes to show when you view a house to buy or even rent, you really should take a check list with you. Our rental only has 1 r/c aircon unit, which is in the lounge. If you close lounge door it works well enough, but rest of unit is an icebox. OH has already said we need to move on and find somewhere with more heaters, she hates the cold and is not a happy bunny, not a happy bunny at all. I was expecting her to struggle with the heat, but 40 degrees she breezed it. When living in UK we used to have central heating as high as it would go, and wander round in t-shirts. Due to the timing of our arrival in Aus we haven't seen any kind of winter weather for 12 months, when we skype relatives in UK there's little sympathy for 'it was only flipping 15 degrees here today'.

      We hate the cold so much we moved to the other side of the world

      Ps. snifter, have been thinking of adding a silly user pic to our profile, I thought I know how about Beaker, best muppet ever. Then you appeared, so thank you, now not only am I cold, I'm Beakerless

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      [QUOTE=keldaz;232928]This recent weather change has taken us on a trip down memory lane. OH said she hasn't felt cold like this inside a house since she was growing up as a kid in a council house. I'm just a council house kid myself, so I know exactly what she means. The houses used to have no heating what so ever upstairs, the bedrooms were freezing, lying in bed you could see your breath and ice used to form on the inside of the windows. For anybody who has been watching Australia's got talent, you know the quick change act, can't think of their name, well they are slow compared to me getting dressed for school during 70's and 80's. OH said she's not really getting the no central heating thing here. We used the aircon maybe 10 times during the summer when we really needed it, a few more times just for comfort, we've said scrap that and get radiators and double glazing in. As as to the last 2 mornings, frost really, frost are you serious? We really don't get the no heating thing, oh sorry I mean the crap heating thing. Has the weather changed here as well?

      Cold in Aus!!!!!!!!!!!!!/QUOTE]

      Know exactly what you mean mate, reminds me of staying at my grans as a kid........all I need now is mothballs in the draws and a potty under the bed (grans toilet used to be outside)

      Yep and the pee in the potty used to freeze over too used to make it extra unpleasant when you put your foot in it in the morning cos you'd forgotten to push it back under the bed in the night
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      used to make it extra unpleasant when you put your foot in it in the morning cos you'd forgotten to push it back under the bed in the night[/QUOTE]

      Ah,that explains the awful smell Ian!!
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