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    Thread: Beware fake contractors !!!!!

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      Beware fake contractors !!!!!

      Hi all, in my job I've had a couple of people caught out by jobs advertising for tradies or TAs by contractors who do not hold a contractors license. If you take on a job via a contractor please make sure they are legitimate and actually hold a contractors license. Of not not only are they breaking the law but you may get problems getting paid etc. it's easy to check up on. 1 ask to see there contractors license and 2 check they are a licensed contractor with OCBA. Remember if someone employs you you are also entitled to super contributions as well.

      It's bad enough when Aussies con newly arrived poms but when poms con poms it's even worse.
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      Nice one Chris, Its a hard and trying time coming here, to make it work quickly isn't easy for most of us, and I should know for sure,. But we didn't come her to bring bad practices and unlawfulness to Adelaide. Adelaide doesn't want or need dragging into the european rat trap **** hole we came from.
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