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    Thread: validating visas, Anything we need to know and Weather from 24 August onwards.

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      validating visas, Anything we need to know and Weather from 24 August onwards.

      Hi I am so sorry for having to ask this but we are arriving 24 August for a month to validate our visas and was hoping some of you could give me a rough idea of what the weathers like at this time of year. Last time we came mid may to mid june and it rained a fair bit and was on average around 15 degrees and cold at night. The thing is iv'e got 3 kids and don't really want to pack a load of clothes that their not going to wear. Can't wait to get there now and if youv'e any advice on anything you think we need to know please tell me. Thakyou in advance.

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      August is still winter so similar to your last visit. The Met Bureau shows a mean max temperature for August of 16, a mean minimum of 8 and typically 23 days of the month either raining or cloudy.

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      What clothes you will need will depend on your kids. Mine haven't worn anything more than long sleeve T-shirts since we got here just over a week ago. We've had quite a few days of sunny spells and when the sun comes out it feels very pleasent. It does get cold in the evenings and mornings though. I'd say you probably need the kind of things you would have for spring or autumn in the UK, long sleeve tops and either a coat or a jumper. I've been wearing my winter cardies with my summer coat and I've only broken out my woolen coat once on a cloudy day in the hills. The kids were still in their long sleeve T-shirts that day though.....
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