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    Thread: Almost brown trouser moment

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      Almost brown trouser moment

      I was looking at our booking with Singapore Airlines and realised my Daughter's DOB was wrong. Not sure whether I had to put the details in at booking, or whether it was wrong when joining Kris Flyer and it's linked to the booking.

      Called Singapore Airlines and they changed it for me no problem (phew). I think I must be dyslexic because when I booked our flights in 2009 my Wife's ticket had Mr instead of Miss and it cost me 200 quid cancellation fee to get it changed with Emirates. Wouldn't have minded the 75 admin fee to amend a ticket, but they said it's not possible and had to cancel and rebook. Wifey wrote them a long letter and thankfully they waived the charged, result so can't slate Emirates too much really.

      Think the moral of the story here, is let my Wife do the booking in future
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      I'm impressed you noticed the date was wrong - my husband doesn't have a clue of our kids dates of birth I don't think!! He struggles with their names sometimes....and mine, for that matter. When we got married (many many years ago) it was three days before my birthday, and several times as we went off on Honeymoon he asked me why I'd bought one of the wedding presents along still wrapped up. Told him each time it wasn't a wedding present, it was my birthday present from my parents.. then it got to the day of my birthday, I got it out and started unwrapping it and he was completely surprised "Oh, is it your birthday?!"

      Anyway, glad in your case it all ended well
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