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    Thread: All booked up

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      All booked up

      That's us all booked up leaving sunny Glasgow on 6th of August can't wait .We decided the only way to find out how our sons asthma will be is to come over for a holiday first before comiting to anything more permanent , if all goes well with his health then its all systems go .

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      Sounds good :)

      I don't know if a holiday will show you how your son's asthma may be in the longer term. You are going to be there at the end of the winter months so perhaps it will give some indication. If he is a chronic asthmatic then hopefully you'll see a difference in the time you are there that will give you confidence :) I realise everyone is different and some improve, others don't.

      I'm asthmatic and when I've been in Aus visiting its not really been any different and compares to the same season in the UK. My asthma is better in summer in the UK and doesn't need much in the way of meds and inhalers hardly ever then. In the colder months I need inhalers on a regular basis and so on. And sometimes a course of steriods. I've not done a winter in Aus but have found the spring, summer and autumn to be on a par with the UK.

      I did find some of the new pollens caused me a bit of hayfever but it wasn't unbearable and I am sure I'd adjust in time once there longer term. I had the same problem when I moved back to the UK after 8 years away before. The first summer back I had terrible hayfever but the following year it improved and only really bothers me on very high pollen count days and then its not overly bad.

      I would think for me I'd struggle in winter in Adelaide if its cold in houses and they get damp or musty. I can't sleep or be in that kind of environment for extended periods and would struggle. Its not about having a fully heated house or anything, just something with a steady temp all round where I am not walking from a cold room into a hot one and all that and that its doesn't get damp as that really causes my asthma problems. I can cope with cold air outside but do have problems if I happen to have a viral infection also.



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