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    Thread: online security

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      online security

      Just a thought looking back through a few posts, I know people are desperate for information that is specific to their problems but be aware this is a public forum giving out personal information is never a great idea, meet people in groups and in public areas for the first time and dont give out address details and phone numbers especially if you work shifts or the house may be empty for periods unless you know the person.
      Beware of free advice, everyone will offer advice based on their own experiences which may not necessarily be valid for you, always research yourself through the government agencies and professionals dont take as gospel everything you read here. Also beware free technical advice, seek a professional or validate the qualifications of the person you are talking to, if they say they have 20 years uk experience and a masters degree in something but are working in a non skilled field here step back and ask yourself why.
      Having said that there is a wealth of experience here from people who have made the move successfully in a variety a fields and some great information to be had that you wont find anywhere else, just seek a variety of opinions, research, and look forward to your new lives in a great country.
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      Good points.
      There are loads of cases of identity theft and too much info can be dangerous. There are people who search out personal particulars.
      Thanks for this, real useful.



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