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    Thread: Ct scans cost and any rebate????

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      Once, when we kinda bypassed the doctor (for speed) we found that things like blood tests, scans etc attracted a gap payment although the majority was covered by Medicare.

      One doctor, who had come to the end of any help he could offer, suggested we phone around to find a specialist that could see us quickly. He gave us two letters of referral - one to the doctor he suggested and one untitled so we could choose our own. This was a far cheaper option than going without a letter.

      So, I suppose our experience has been that we haven't had to pay for anything for tests when it's been an emergency or when our doctor has given /sent a letter of referral.

      I don't have a definitive answer though, just that it seems a lot cheaper if any work is ordered by someone we have been sent to via the 'ordinary' route. That said, it can take a tad longer so, as with most things, it's down to the consumer.

      Good luck and best wishes to your OH.

      "Knowledge shrinks as wisdom grows." Alfred North Whitehead

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      My own experience has been that I see a GP who sometimes bills me and sometimes does not, depending on reason for visit - was bulk billed for prescriptions / receiving results / very short appointments, but paid a gap for investigation of a dodgy knee. The X ray I had to pay part of but then the private consultant and public MRI were bulk billed.
      When I was unable to get an appointment with my GP I went to an open all hours bulk billing GP and the waiting period (2 hours) and subsequent care was sub standard to my normal GP.
      Waiting periods for some things are ridiculously long, my daughter is still waiting for a public appointment with an ENT specialist 3 years after having her tonsils out privately - obviously they do not know that she has had them out, I am just interested to see how long they will take to give her an appointment! This is despite her GP writing at the time that she was an urgent case - they told us then that her wait would be at least 2 years (hence paid privately).
      However, after a trip to Flinders (public) ED, my husband has found the follow on appointments and care to be excellent.
      Around 50% of people in Australia have private health cover, I think the system would be as broke as the NHS if we all stayed in the public sector and with SA health really struggling to make ends meet I can only see the public sector suffering.
      I am writing this after a 12 hour night shift (in a private hospital) so it probably makes no sense .... Nite all zzzzz


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