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    Thread: Rolling Stones..Worth Almost $500k?

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      Quote Originally Posted by Lazy Cow View Post
      I thought Acca Dacca were formed in Sydney...that makes them Australian and an important part of rock history here.

      As for where the individual members were born, I know the Youngs were born in England but moved to Victoria when they would've been in primary school. If spending your life here doesn't make you Australian, what hope have our kids got lol!

      Bon Scott (RIP) lived in Adelaide for a few years...I know because Adelaide is a small place and I worked with someone who shared with him! How cool would that be?

      personally a believe you are a Aussie once you have decided to stay here!!!!!! the above is a pub wind up!!! which includes .... Mr Holden number 1 (Telford) and ends with Julia Gillard.... mmmm no she's Australian...

      As for Aussie icons...... Mick Jagger played Ned Kelly in the film and the song Brown Sugar was wrote in Austraila.... and he said on the radio today he's gran is Australian !!!

      before coming to Australia how many of us had heard of cold chisel? jimmy yes but cold chisel?

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      Our current Prime Minister Mr Rabbit is also a Pom

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      Air Supply is Australian
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