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    Thread: PIA & Sister sites

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      PIA & Sister sites

      Hi everyone, Poms in Adelaide was my 1st venture into forums like this, found purely by chance, and dare I say gladly, when looking for something to do with my spare time whilst in Adelaide, so it got me onto looking at some of the sister sites which I would have some connection with, namely Poms in Oz and Life in Queensland, and I would like to pass on my observations.

      Poms in Oz................. I liken to Formula 1 a lot of international input with everything moving at a fast pace and if you are not upto speed like me with 1-2 finger typing then by the time you are ready everybody else is 5 laps ahead of you.

      Poms in Adelaide............... well this has to be the Rolls-Royce, sturdy, reliable, trustworthy and user friendly, the dealership are honest, helpful and make you feel relaxed and part of a family, bound to be the odd tiff or two but which family doesn't and should never be taken to heart.

      Life in Queensland................ this has to be the Butchers Bike! there's someone driving it but other than that there's not much life on board. A bit of a disappointment really, lucky I found Adelaide first.

      I would add at this moment, but not wishing to upset you, that maybe the Rolls is in need of a service, does not seem to be firing on all cylinders like it used to. Might just be the giggle lead needs a wiggle!
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      It's summer time - always quietens down a bit in here then. During the winter when the auld country residents are gloating about their three days of summer, european holidays etc etc, us locals tend to spend more time online as the nights are cold and long and family seems a long way away, but when it's 37 degrees and sunny...well, forum browsing tends to take a backseat!

      I think the Queensland site is relatively new, but feel free to liven things up in there if you like!
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      A lot of QLD people tend to post on the PIO site.

      Not so many from PIA seem to post over on PIO but there are a few :)

      I like PIO. It's lively, very informative for general stuff thanks to its far larger membership. And for migration matters it's a goldmine.



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