Back in the 90s we were looking at getting a new (2nd hand) car and went to look at a Commodore advertised in the paper. The seller was a very pleasant elderly gentleman who was selling it for his son who lived in Mount Gambier. It seemed to be in good condition, but we both got a bit suspicious that the seats looked like new and a few things didn't seem quite right. I asked the man to write down the rego on a bit of paper, which he did. At the time I was working at SGIC who then administered CTP insurance so the next day I typed the rego into the computer - it was 'not known'. I thought the guy had written it down wrong (he had swapped 2 letters) so entered the number I thought it was - and hey presto the car details came up. It had been in a serious accident in Mount Gambier and was so badly damaged it was written off. Obviously someone had 'fixed' the damage and tarted the vehicle up for sale in Adelaide. The story the man told us was a load of bull and he had deliberately given us the wrong rego, hoping to prevent us from finding out the truth. Just shows that you really have to be on your guard (and we weren't new migrants, my husband's Australian!).