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    Thread: Fingers (in the bush)

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      As a long time resident of the Yorke Peninsula, I can tell you with authority that it is a farmers, countrypersons, way of saying hello. It is nothing to do with the general use of a finger!!! in the city. They use it in the same way as they doff their hats in the street, an acknowledgement, in a friendly way, that you are there.
      It took me some time to get used to, but if I drove past a neighbour, without lifting my hand slightly, my husband tells me I was considered very rude. Like walking past someone you know in the street. I think the use of a single finger is just a lazy form of lifting your hand while still holding the steering wheel. Just lift your hand when you pass, if they don't respond, they have the problem.
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      as above,,when I used to tour the country travelling about, everyone used to wave, it was especially nice in the more remote areas...i also found when we stopped on the side of the road for any reason, people would also stop if they were passing and ask if we were ok! It, in turn, inspired me to do the same, and found my self stopping and helping people who had broke down, and were stranded, its a nice thing :)

      Now I drive a VW camper, we always give each other a good finger blasting ;-D

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      It's really is great Aussie etiquette.

      Doffing my flat cap ( I'm from Yorkshire) has not has the same effect.

      Same here on the stopping and helping folk - naturally do it.

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      Couldn't let this one go without a comment.

      I was brought up on a farm in Victoria, but have lived in the city since adulthood. Living in the rural areas, when you're driving around, you are likely to know the person you are passing, so it is a friendly greeting, and easier than lifting your entire hand off the wheel to wave. Even if you don't know the person, it is still a gesture of hello.

      Still, when we go back to the rural areas, usually the older people and farmers 'lift the finger' to acknowledge us and say hello. I must admit I don't tend to myself, although will 'reply' if someone else does first.

      I was reminded of this last night, when I was driving home (in the city) and saw a neighbor outside. We always acknowledge our neighbours, whether driving or walking, if we see them on our travels. Although, if in the car, it will be a proper wave.

      I believe it is just a courtesy to say hello, rather than saying you are in the bush, or watch out for anything. (That's when you flash your lights.)



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