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    Thread: General moan

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      cornish Busdriver

      General moan

      Me, the missus and dogs are getting realy frustrated at the moment.
      Had our permenent resident visa's since january and still waiting for the house to sell.
      Spent a shed load of cash on it, new kitchen, bathroom, double glazing,cental heating and compleately redecorated in nuetral tones right though.
      Got he gardens looking realy nice, we are in a very nice and well sort after area, close to main bus routes, schools, shops, 15 minutes from a realy nice beach also dropped the price by 5K and still no sale.
      Were wondering what the hell we have to do to sell the bloody house.
      Got jobs waiting for us in Adelaide and we just want to go.
      Were now getting very frustrated and fed up and its starting to drive me insane.
      I cant be the only one like this, Any one wanna buy a house in Cornwall

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      Well i've got about another 6 months of renovating to be done to my place, i'm trying to get rid of the house before my TRA is even back!! it's not a good spot to be stuck in esp if there is a job waiting for you, hopefully they'll hold the position!

      Also are you getting any views or none at all?? it may be that if you are getting viewers who are shy to put an offer in then maybe you are trying the hard sell too much when they are looking, thus by trying to sell the house so badly they feel there is something wrong with it which is why you want rid of it so much?? just a thought.
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      Keep holding on in there Cornish.

      You vent as much as you want.

      This seems to be a problem for a lot of people at the moment.

      We can sympathise with you,we were in the same boat all those years ago.

      We ended up drastically reducing the house - it got us here though.

      Have you tried an open house day???

      Good luck:D:D

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      The Pottertons
      I really feel for you, must be sooo frustrating! Its the part im dreading the most actually. Hope it picks up for you soon mate, Yvonne x

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      We know how you feel.
      We've spent loads getting all those little jobs done, you know the ones that you put off till tomorrow, all the decorating etc etc etc.
      We have been on the market 5 weeks tomorrow, had four viewings and another this Thursday. The third couple to look want the house. Yipeeeee, But they haven't sold theirs!
      It seems the general market at the moment is dead. We must keep our chins as you only need that one person through the door that says yes and things will start to move.
      We live in a beautiful little village with a very unique house.
      The nearest town to us is having lots of new builds going up, 1 bed bed flats with special offers for 1st time buyers, this will not help the situation at all as they aren't breaking any chains.
      Never mind as I say keep your chin up and fingers crossed.
      Good luck
      Martin and Val
      PS: Anybody want to buy a house in a small village in the Oxfordshire countryside?

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      Dear Cornish Busdriver

      You words are sending me into imminent panic....busy painting as well but not willing to put house on the market until the visa is in hand as we are caught up in the 5 point capital investment issue. Had the house valued in October before our reccie and I have a horrible feeling it's dropped! Anyone want to buy two houses in Cornwall????


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      :)our house finally went on the market yesterday, our neighbours went on last week, havnt seen anyone viewing hopefully there waiting for ours we have to activate by jan, would be nice just to go one way, and not have to come back just to sell

      good luck everyone selling, interest rate is coming down a tiny bit again so hang in there

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      I so feel for you, our's is only on 3 days and I am worried and we don't have the visa yet

      I hope you get some luck soon

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      Sharon and Paul
      HI , cornish busdriver. I put my house on the market 5 weeks ago? had meds done last wednesday so not much of a gamble by the sounds of it?. (as no visa yet). Estate agents ( sorry for the swearing ) estate agent Reckons that we aren't getting many hits on rightmove ? so do i drop the price even though i thought i put it on for a sensible price ? . The young lads in my factory say that getting a morgage is hard work unless you got £20 k to put down ?. Being a old fart i told them to stop wasting there money on cars / god i turned into my dad?. ATB paul

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      cornish Busdriver
      Hiya Liz.
      Where bouts u 2 in Cornwall, were in Saltash.
      Wish we put the house on the market months earlier before we got our visa'a but had to many niggiling little jobs to do.
      The market is slowed right down but house prices here arnt dropping as bad as the rest of the uk.
      Heres hoping that someone will buy soon.


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