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    Thread: UK traffic infringement

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      UK traffic infringement

      Hired a car recently on a trip to the UK, Avis UK have took out around $62 to cover their costs of processing the infringement in the UK. They can't tell me what the actual ticket is for and said I would receive it in the mail soon. I'm guessing one of two things a speeding fine or driving through a bus only/taxi only zones. Anyone know what fine I can expect, speeding would have been no more than 10mph over the limit.......demerit points do they count here on my Australian licence😳😳

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      You should just be issued with a fine. The UK governemnt cannot put points on your Australian licence. I've not had the exact same thing myself but my OH did get a fine from Australia after a holiday while we were still living in the UK. He paid the fine and that was the end of the matter.
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      Pretty certain you have nothing to worry about regarding the demerit points, but I would question them taking the money, which should be the fine plus any admin charges they choose to add on, until you have had a chance to see it, check it and maybe contest it, but you need to read the contract agreement small print, I know you sign agreeing to pay such things (tolls, congestion charge, parking) but they have to be agreed as being correct.
      Though to date I have not done this with a car hire company I have registered similar as an un-authorized payment with my credit card and got my money back until agreement was reached, another thing is after you returned your car you can with some cards block certain future transactions.
      Good luck.



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