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    Thread: IT Professional moving to Adelaide...where are the jobs??

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      Exclamation IT Professional moving to Adelaide...where are the jobs??


      I am looking to emigrate to Adelaide early next year on a 190 visa from the UK. They have said they are looking for IT Professionals however looking on the jobsites there doesn't appear to be many available.

      Can anyone living in Adelaide shed some light on this?

      Is the job market buoyant at the moment? Are there many big companies looking for IT Professionals at present?

      What is the average wage for an IT Professional (Systems administrator) as the adverts for jobs available do not specify the wage for the roles?

      For anyone that has emigrated to SA, would you recommend it? Or would you suggest sponsorship in a bigger city?

      I've seen, from looking at other forums, that its 'not what you know but who you know'. Is this really the case?

      Thanks in advance for any advice that you can provide

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      Welcome to the forum. Your first few posts will not appear until a moderator has approved them.

      The job market is slow at the moment here. It may well depend exactly what your skills are. Networking to get jobs is common here. I wouldn't just wait for adverts either, use a recruitment agency or send out Aussified Cvs and follow them up. Adelaide isn't that big, and most larger companies do not have headquarters here.

      Most at of us will be off to bed here soon but you may get some more information from people in your field later.
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      Been living in Adelaide now for 3 years as a Systems Eng \ Admin. On to my second permanent job now and have found the market quiet but if your interview skills are fine and you come across well, you should do okay. I have had a few interviews over the years and generally people look for attitude first. Skills wise, VMWare is huge as is all the normal MS technologies.

      Average wage for Admin seems to be around $70 - $75,000.....Engineer is more $80,000 - $90,000. I would register with some recruitment agencies - Candle, Talent, Paxus and Finite are all good. Also contact NEC, HP, Data 3, Iocane, Dimension Data as much IT work goes via them. Avoid coming out at the end of the year \ start of the year as the job market is much quieter over the summer holidays and Christmas.

      Adelaide is a very small IT community - even in 3 years I have bumped into people who know everyone. You cannot burn bridges that's for sure!

      I think there is an element of luck involved in finding IT jobs here in Adelaide so you will want some savings just in case but they are there.

      Good luck!
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