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I blame the schools for that!!! No seriously, in the UK schools at lunchtime they (used to) get food they have to eat with a knife and fork, sitting at a table; here everything from the canteens has to be able to be eaten with no utensils, and the encouragement is to eat as fast as possible so you can get out to play. Bring back sit down school dinners, I say!
Actually, thats a fair point re the canteen lunches. I won't let my son buy anything from the school canteen, he has a packed lunch every day. But again, using his hands. Though it is intended to be eaten with them.

And yes, there is supposed to be 10 minutes to eat lunch but it seems often they get less and can't take their last bit of sandwich or some such outside so end up leaving it.

I did used to like son having school dinners a couple of times a week back in England. Made for a good foundation of deciding what to have from the menu, collecting it and taking your seat to eat at a table with 7 other kids.

I'n not a fan of kids all sitting in their classroom to eat lunch every day I must admit.