To say I am a little disappointed in my fellow Irish men and women today is an understatement. Judging by how the General Election is going it looks like cronyism and parochial politics is well and truly alive and kicking.
8 years ago this form of government ruined the lives of generations to come.
Last night Ireland allowed them back in. Amid all the protests and street marching and social media furor, people lost touch or forgot reality again when voting.
What really upsets me though is that It now looks like any new government will have to form a partnership with Sinn Fein. Yes that very same “we are a political party” PR devision of the I.R.A. You know the I.R.A. that does not exist anymore. The very same Sinn Fein and very same Sinn Fein leader who declared “They haven’t gone away you know”.
It is truly depressing, and makes me happy to be not there.