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      That was funny we have just secured a rental (sight unseen), which may turn out to be the same sort of thing. Hope we can laugh about it once the shock wears off!!!

      Massive, Gawler is really nice, a proper old fashioned little town with a high street. They serve a cracking bacon sandwich in the cafe on the high street and I heard a rumour that there is going to be a new shopping complext built there soon. We are going to be based 'north' with my OH work.

      Everyone else! Looks like there is the need for a meet up once we all arrive, I will start a new thread and suggest date/place etc. Ideas welcome.

      Good luck everyone with your moves. See you all when the sun shines!

      Mall & Kev (arriving 11th October)

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      Thanks everyone for the info on the north I think we will be fine its just the not knowing and after all we are more than pleased that ste has got a perminant job . We are treating the whole move like a new adnenture and apart from all the fears we all seem to be sharing at the moment we are looking forward to our arrival on the 21st , so yep we will definatley be up for a meet once everyone else arrives . swampo we will keep looking for the details .
      Good luck to you all making this journey in the near future x

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      hey all,
      theres not much to worry about... and as soon as you get here and get settled pretty much all your worries will disappear. just make sure you dont forget to bring everything...i forgot my fave dress and was spewing. lol
      as for being worried about when your here, adelaide is an awesome place, and you will love it...your coming at a perfect time aswell coz summers coming we landed in winter just after the 2006 massive heatwave so it actually felt cold here lol. and if your like me and have some kind of seasonal affective disorder (comes with living in england i reckon) you wouldnt of liked it much.

      The last few days in england are pretty hard...mine are a huge drunken blur though, my friends had me out on the p*ss for about the last 2 months i was there hehehe

      Best thing tho when you get here, is dont look back with rose coloured glasses...think of the reasons why you moved away, not what your missing out on, coz guaranteed it wont be much lol.

      Good luck all you ones getting ready for the big move!! :D

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      Hey what a great reply pommyprincess you sound like someone who has a good head on your shoulders, great advice for someone so young.



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