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      Talking Is it possibel to find a nice rental in two weeks or am I mad?

      Hi there, I'm new to this forum.

      I am due to land (literally) in beginning of Feb 2009, have booked a holiday let for two weeks only and am hoping to find a rental as well as kit it all out as we haven't shipped anything! Does anyone think that's possible? I've been looking on gum tree for second hand furniture and my friend says I could also rent furniture etc until I get sorted. I would appreciate any further thoughts on this. Many thanks in advance.


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      We did the same thing. We stayed two weeks at a caravan park when we arrived, during this period we rented an house and bought a car. We moved into the rental with no furniture and had to wait a few days to tee up the container delivery with the movers. So it is possible but it all seems now like a blur at the time.
      Good Luck Mick

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      You might be lucky ..........and you may not be.

      Good rentals can be very hard to find,with lots of competition for them.

      We advocate a month's stay (I'm not self selling/ promoting).It get's you over the jet lag and you can find your feet.Also you have time to ensure you have chosen the right suburb to live in.

      Enough of me though.

      Have a read of Django's experience..


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      Hi there
      Just really echo what others have said and also review the other thread going on about rentals ....
      We managed to do it in two weeks but that was nearly 3 years ago and the rental market was very different then.
      Perhaps start looking at rentals on realestate and domain before you leave the UK and if you know someone here, get them to have a look - that's if you know roughly what suburbs you are happy to rent in.
      Good luck

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      Book a short term rental for no less than a month. The pressure on finding a rental with just a few days to go until you are homeless, especially for us with 4 children, is like nothing I would want to experience again.
      The Tykester beat me to the link. Have a read. I was told before I left by many people that booking a short term rental for more than 2 weeks would be a waste of money as you can view a house and move in next day. Absolute rubbish. The money spent on booking a short term rental will be the best money you ever spend.
      The first week you will be jet lagged and if you only have one more week to find somewhere to live the pressure will be on. Don't forget finding a home is just one thing you need to do. If you have children you will be looking at schools as well not the mention buying a car, medicare, etc, etc, etc,


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      When I came over from sunny Darlington just over two years ago, I had an apartment booked for 4 weeks. It took me just over two weeks to find a rental and I moved in a week later after all the paperwork was sorted, and just in time for the family to arrive:)
      I think for two weeks, you'd need to find something (and actually get it) the first weekend after you land. With jet-lag and everything else you have to sort out, that may be a little squeezy - especially if you're not sure the on area you want to live in...


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      Hi Sarah

      Whilst I agree with the all of the above, we did have the keys to our long term rental, in our hands in a day under two weeks. So it is possible. We were satying with friends so the pressuure was not on like it was for others tho'.

      We also had a car, school and most of our furiture was delivered the day after we collected our keys all with 2 young kids in tow.

      Hope this helps


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      We arrived 5 weeks ago and managed to get ourselves a rental in 2 weeks exactly... so it is possible.

      However it was stressful, and tiring and I wouldn't recommend putting yourself under so much pressure, unless you really have to.... you may end up with the rental from hell as a result of getting to the point where anything will do if it means you have a roof over your head!

      Give yourself at least 3 weeks but better with 4.... Just my opinion.:v_SPIN:


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      We booked 2 weeks, thinking it would be plenty, boy was it close...due to move out on the thursday and on the tuesday we had no rental, no job...
      we had chased plenty of both etc, finally got the nod on a fab rental on the wed...

      guz&sas kindly let us stay an extra night in their place so we had 2 days to get furniture delivered etc...

      in hindsight i would recommend 3 weeks

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      We did it in 3 weeks.....but we did come to Victor....not quite the same competition for properties!! and we had the "luxury" of OAA, so up to 3 months leeway....I reckon it's that, that makes the difference, if you've got a deadline, it just escalates the pressure, making you more fraught and so less likely to make a fantastic impression on whomever you meet to let a house to you.
      We furnished our house from fantastic furniture and haggle in 2 days. I bought it, hired a truck, picked it up and spent the next 2 weeks building furniture...great fun!!
      Don't forget cheap as chips....they're the best, love a ****e shop me!!! Fiona xx


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