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      why do we want to leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Hi All

      Have been thinking about this post for a while and hubby has finly got fed up of me going on about this incident and told me to get it of my chest.

      We were going out for a meal on Saterday with the kids to celebrate Meggie stoping patching and pulled into a pub car park as another family was getting out of their brand new top of the range crysler grand voyager car. At the back of the car was their son (looked about 8) glaring at me.I did think this was a bit strange untill I reallize that he acctualy had his pants down at the front and was playing with himself whist trying to gain maximum exposure for the offending article What did I do. I didnt know I thought of several options Winding the window down and shouting
      do you know your son is at the back of the car playing with himself!
      Your sons a flasher!
      Did you know your son is exposing himself?
      Are you bringing up a pervert?

      None of which seemed appropriate!
      So by the time we got out of the car I thought well if I see one of his parents Ill have a quiet word with them and ask them if they knew what he was doing.
      We walked into the pub they were sat with a large group of people half of the men had tattoes.big gold chains ect you know the type the women wernt much better and the language well!!!!!

      Did I say anything! did I heck.

      However having got home I feel quite ashamed of my self because i shouldnt have chickend out I shouldnt have felt intimmidated and I should have said somthing

      The other thing that I'm still going in about I guess is the look on this childs face and the fact that at 7/8 he had obviously learnt this behaivior from somewhere

      Why do I want to leave!!!!!!!!!

      Please tell me its not like that in AU

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      I don't blame you for not saying anything!!

      That is a real problem with the UK culture, you just can't say anything.

      I'd have thought twice about saying anything.

      It does happen here as well , but the Police do catch them with their raincoats eventually ;)

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      Hi Ali

      What an akward situation to find yourself in. I don't blame you for not saying anything. My mums always wants to say something to troublemakers here, and I'm always telling her to keep quiet incase they pull a knife or something. Its awful though, that its even the kids with the attitude around here, hence our wanting to move away before our kids have a chance to mix with them!!

      Hope you had a chance to enjoy your meal though.


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      Hi bev_steph
      I know what you mean this lad looked about the age of my oldest daugter and the look in his eyes was what really frightend me . This kid appeared to know what he was doing he looked me straight is the eye and appeared to get a kick out of it.As a mum and ex-nurse who worked in the prison service for 5 years I am not easely shocked and didn't react to his behaivior but, I still wish I had said somthing. I dont want my kids being exposed to things like that. Thankfully the kids didnt notice.

      Tyke do they do dirty brown mac's in age 8 size

      PS I don't know how I've managed to tune the word didn't blue


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