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      Rob and Clare

      Cool Kites

      Not sure how many people saw it but on Tennyson Beach saturday afternoon was one of the coolest kits i'd seen, apart from a normal kite at the top it supported a 30ft shark that moved through the air with just it's tail moving side to side, and beneath that was a 20ft killer whale bouncing up and down in the wind.....

      This reminded me that you should keep an eye out for the kite festival in the new year, it's free on semaphore beach. There are dozens of them, and it's a great couple of hours by the beach. The dates aren't released yet, so keep an eye out.


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      Hi guys. The kites you saw belong to The Kite Shop, which has recently opened on Military Road, West Lakes Shore. They have started to put them up most afternoons and you can see them for miles, up and down that part of the coast. They're fantastic. If anyone is interested, the shop also organises kite surfing lessons and is proving to be very popular. Also agree with Rob and Clare, the kite festival at Semaphore Beach is a great sight. Don't know the dates of the next one either but it has been as late as March in the past.


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