Hi i just thought i would let you all know of a new company opening covering the whole of adelaide, it will have offices north and south of the city and will deliver to within 25ks of the city, and a bit further if you ask nicely!! They guarantee to beat every genuine quotation. It is owned and run by a british husband and wife team, very nice they are too!!!! They will meet and greet there clients at the airport, have a trolley ready for there luggage and then take them directly to the car at the airport where the paperwork can be read and signed and then they will be sent on there way with the minimum of fuss, no having to be taken to on a tour of adelaide before getting there vehicle. If you know of anyone who may want a car or van with the guaranteed lowest prices then pm me or if the mods will let me i will add there phone number on to this..:emoticon-signxmas: