I think it is worth while remembering that your certificates are going to say that you have a UK qualification and this (xxxxx) is what it is called...so calling it something else on your resume is sort of defeating. When they try to match the docs up, they can't. I had a support statement which I sent out along with the resume in which the Aussie appropriate terms were used but my resume has not changed.

Maybe it is industry dependent...what would be the point of trying to claim I had an Aussie qualification when I don't?

As for docs to go with it, scan everything. Have a copy on disc, your originals, plus bring some certified copies or get them done for free at the City Council offices, and bring everything you can think of. Bring it over in your hand luggage if possible. We had all the certificates in a folder in there but all the support folders like photos etc were in the suitcase I think. I wanted them as soon as possible.