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    Thread: true story????

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      true story????

      Before you read this I have to warn you you may be offended.

      People tend to fall into 2 camps
      1. thats really sick or
      2. I know I shouldn't but snigger snigger snigger ect

      I was told this story by some one at work who punted it as a true story. It is about HMP Strangeways in Manchester, for those of you who havent driven past it, it has as part of its construction a 5/6 story tower and this supposedly happened befor the suicide netting was installed.

      Apparently one day an inmate decided he had had enough of life and deciding to end it all. he flung himself off the top balcony and hit the floor at a great rate of knots and ended up getting his wish and being very dead. Their was a great deal of fuss and consternation amongst inmates and officers alike at the fate of this man apart from from the principle officer who strode out glanced up to the top of the tower and down at the floor and then he very calmly returned to his office only to emerge 2min later with 2 cards baering the ledgend 4.6 6.2.

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      snigger snigger does that make us bad....?

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      Probably but I've been sniggering for years what dose that say abut me?


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