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    Thread: Brrrrr!!!!

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      It's gonna be 0C here tonight!!!


      There was frost this morning and by gum it was chilly.
      Lovely sunny days though!

      So remember all you wannbe's , it's not always red hot here!!

      Starting to harvest the olive grove tomorrow so I'll soon warm up :)

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      Sometimes it is nice to have those lovely cold, crisp sunny mornings!

      We might even appreciate them occasionally when we are over there - not like here when its cold, wet, dull etc. At least you still got the sun in the day.

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      its only 10degrees here in sunderland and lashing down with rain its supposed to be summer happy jools hubby steve

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      .....oh yeh we got 1 or 2 degrees every morning last august when we awoke but strangely enough by 4 pm it was always 16 - 22 degrees once the sun warmed up - not like we get here in midwinter - its all relative - but that is a reall attraction the climate in s.a. apart from the periods of heat that come in from the interior (i think!) in summer - 40 degrees is not pleasant unless your out paddling and killer for working in

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      OMG congratulations to Steve. This is your first post, and on my user name. Go away and get your own user name.

      I will see you later. Mr. !!!!!

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      now now, no fighting on the forum!!!

      Well done Steve

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      ohhhhh neil your brave getting in between a woman and her OH

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      Quote Originally Posted by ali@51 View Post
      ohhhhh neil your brave getting in between a woman and her OH
      Its not Neil posting on the forum - its Sarah. Neil always at work. Guess I'm just the brave - or very silly one.;):D Neils name first on the timeline as he is the one getting the points!!!

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      blimey Sarah I think your very brave then, and also very bright to put neil first:D:D.

      Then he gets the blame for every thing:p.

      Morgan is getting the points for us but he still lets me go first. I wonder why

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      You very brave Sarah. Just wait for Sunday, I will be waiting with my fists at the ready - you should know now not to mess with me - also with PMT. Cant wait till Sunday.

      Im sure my fists will fall down the minute we see you to give you a hug, seen as though your my long lost twin. (Obviously the most beautiful one!!!):D:D:D


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