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      Australian dream

      Just wondering if before anybody moved to aus what was your dream image? Mine personally was a house by the beach, a huge pool, one of those big aussie jeeps and to see little kangs in the back yard
      Sounds a little cringy now but maybe one day if i ever pass my exams never seen a kang in my yard yet and ive here nearly three years :(

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      Our dream was small really - I think you have got to be realistic before you come here or it might not work for you - it is not all milk and honey as some may think. Although the sun is shining you still need to earn a living and pay the bills - BUT the lifestyle WE FIND is soooooo much better.

      Sorry for the rant there but I really feel people need to be realistic and do proper research before they come or may end up flying back home but not you you have stuck it out and 'goodonya' and I hope you get everything that you want - sounds like you are working hard to make your dreams a reality!

      So our dream was to have a nice house (hopefully near the beach and we knew we probably wouldnt be able to afford a pool) hopefully have a better work life balance, give us and our kids a healthier better outdoor lifestyle in the sunshine. It has all worked out as planned and we and the kids love it.

      I know there are people who have done their research and have been granted visas and then come to find they cannot get a job and I really feel for those but do your research realistically and you have more than half a chance of staying put.

      Good luck to eveyone here trying to make a go of it and all those still waiting to come and give it a go!!!

      ps i saw a kangoroo bounce along my street one early morning and couldnt believe it - quite surreal
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