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    Thread: Feeling a bit down today

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      Feeling a bit down today


      Feeling a bit down today - just come back from Cyprus where I was visiting my parents (suprise for my Dads 60th birthday). My sister was over aswell and it was nice because we aren't together that often. I have been really positive about moving to Adelaide and I can't wait but I think it finally hit me when my sister was talking about next year when she sees Mum and Dad she will have her baby etc and I realised that I didn;t know when I was going to see them again.
      Boy did I sob :-(
      Back to work today and feel very unsettled. Have to get things moving as we are planning on moving at the start of August. so will just have to stay positive

      Vicki :-)

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      I remember that feeling, just take each day as it comes, its all part of it I'm afraid...


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      Hi Vicki,
      Leaving family is the worst part. My parents live in Dublin and my dad told me I would never see my mother again if I migrated.
      Well they came out the Perth two years ago and fly into Sydney in three weeks! They had only ever been as far as London before that.
      Just remember all the great reasons why you decided to give this a go in the first place.
      Here's a link to help you and anyone else with the emotional side of the move.
      We all get so caught up in the visas, packing and organising we forget about that side of things.

      Chin up.
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      sometimes you have to do things for your self.

      Sounds cruel, sounds hard, but theres only one shot in life.

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      Yep I know and they are pleased we are giving it a go - we don't have any life here in ireland. Will just have to not think about it too much :-)


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