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      then there was a whole party of us!

      Hi Ice/Emmylou

      Thanks for the support, I am feeling much more positive now.
      I have spoken to my son and I know he will be well looked after by his Dad, so time to let him go I think.
      At least I know I'm not the only crazy woman moving to the other side of the world alone!!
      What's your story Ice? When are you hoping to go?
      Emmylou, Thanks, I'm going to PM Steph about the London meet.

      the whole process has been a nightmare I just think the end's in sight and the final lot of paperwork's gone off and then something else happens ( like migration agent mis filing application in wrong sub-catagory and having to apply again..only to find state sponsorship has run out and having to apply again...etc )

      It's just 2 years of still not knowing if I'm going that gets me!
      Keep in touch


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      hi Dotty,
      my story in short, i split from my ex 5yrs ago,after 24yrs, but always worked shifts so our son spent lots of time with him, in the last 3yr ive dun lots of travelin, Africa, Canada, oz twice, sold 2 houses to do it. so not worked since last Aug its been fantastic but now oz is home thats what i want, my son is 16 in sept and as u no they can make there own mind up & its not always wot we want,im waiting for my 119 visa to come so hope by xmas im in oz for gud, im gettin nervous doing it alone,but ive wanted it for so long nothing will stop me, my son will join me oneday i no he will,im trying to think of gud things he will enjoy when he comes over & NOT the things i will miss about him over ere, ivejust got a web came thing so i can talk to him on ere,if i figure it out that is lol. wel i did say in short so thats about it. its funny yr life n mine cos my nik name is Dotty too...... pm me anytime. keep positive cos i no how yr feeling.
      Ice x

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      singletons club

      I'm ready to sign up!!!

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      Hi Patch,
      I thought i was thee only single on here lol,
      at least we can all meet up in Adelaide and have a good laugh!!!!!


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      what are we calling this club then?

      Hey stop spoiling my drama!
      I'm happily soaking up compliments about how brave I am - leaving everyone and moving to the other side of the world alone etc. etc.
      And there's you lot making it sound like it's going to be fun, a whole group of us on our own....actually enjoying it!!!:D
      I think I might squash my posh frock in my suitcase when I move- you never know, might get a social life!:p

      feeling more optimistic now

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      we can call it Dont b BITTER get BETTER
      THE FREEDOM club lol


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      Wow how inspirational are all of you!

      As we plan to leave on the 17th of July it is great to know that there is a suportive and powerful community out there.

      My only advice is do what you think and feel is right!

      "come to edge" he said
      "Come to the edge"

      "we are afraid" they said
      "Come to the edge"

      They came, he pushed and they flew!!!!


      Twirly and Podi

      See you on the other side buddies!


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      best of luck,


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      ;)Go for it Dotty , be even more determined in away could be the best thing to happen no one to hold you back.......go :Dgirl


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