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      Question then there was one

      Hi eveyone...or anyone!!

      I am in need of some positive comments, common sense or maybe both!
      Several months ago we were all patiently waiting for the visa so we could set off for our fab. new life down under. Then partner and I split up......then there was two, more difficult but still achievable . Now he's staying here to 'finish his A levels'.
      Which I admit, makes a lot of sense. But what do I do now?
      Does it sound totally (yes it does !) crazy to leave everything behind and come out there alone?
      It's gone from being a potentially difficult move to almost impossible.
      your thoughts please?
      Anyone else out there mad enough to encourage me to go it alone?;)


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      You gotta do what you gotta do. Its a new start having broken up with someone. Where better to 'get away from it all' than the other side of the world? Least you won't get any hassle from mates of both, etc.;) As for the A level student. Think of it as you going ahead to set up a home for the both of you. The question you've got to answer is will you regret not going? Think of why you want to go. Oh and you won't be on your own. There's a forum of your mates on here all heading towards Adelaide.;):D


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      Yeah....., Go girl....!:D:p

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      Go for it !!! Great place to make a fresh start :D

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      I think a new start is a very good idea. However you will be a long way from home and all your support networks. I think you have to take a long hard look at your self and work out whether you think you are strong enough to cope with the hard times on your own. Because the one thing you will be taking with you is yourself. New friends are great but except in rare circumstances they dont know you as well as friends and family who have been there through thick and thin for a long time. If you are sure this is the best thing for you and are really sure that both you and your son can cope alone then go for it and good luck but I think it is a decision that has to be based on facts that only you know.

      Good luck with your decision

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      thanks everyone!
      yeah, no worries about bumping into the ex!!!
      I know it's going to be tough but I still feel it's something I have to do.
      I think it was a bit of a shock to realise I'll be going it alone. Sometimes I wonder if fate (or is that DIMA?)is trying to tell me something!!;)

      on the positve side, I won't have to worry about renting a place, I can arrive with a suitcase and find a room to rent in someone elses house and who knows...with the kids taken good care of by their Dad here in Uk I may even have some money for myself for the first time in 20 years!!!
      It's a long way to stetch those apron strings .....time to let them go I think!

      Now...off to find friends:D

      thanks again Dotty.

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      hi dotty,
      you are not entirely alone! 3 of us on here (so far) from the uk are also moving solo... im in a slightly different situation as dont have children/ex partner, but otherwise in a similar position. i am feeling very excited about making the move alone. you sound like youre finding the positives of making that choice which is great. personally i really like the fact that this move is just about me, i can do it the way i want, without worrying how anyone is coping with the adjustment. it is hard to anticipate how it will feel without the usual support network about, but the amazing thing is that it can give you chance to realise just how well you can cope on your own. potentially really rewarding!
      anyway, us other folks going on our own are thinking of meeting up in london sometime, so if youd be up for joining us pm me and i'll keep you posted! either way, all the best :D steph

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      lucky you!

      Hi Dotty, i think you will have the time of your life! Wow what a country to explore on your own.... I reckon tis one of the best in the world.....spesh for singletons, you go for it girl & the rest/best will follow...:)

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      hI Dotty,
      well i thought i was reading my life, i thing we are very strong doing this life change on our own, so good on you for making the move it will be fantastic so chin up mayb we can have a singles club in oz lol.

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      Hi Dotty
      Well I'm another of one of those singles going it alone, and yes it is hard but just think of the opportunites! As Steph said we are trying to organise a get together so it would be great to see you (and Ice and anyone else!) I know that feeling of 'i've just got to do this' and to be honest I don't think it goes away.

      Take care


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