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      flo and daisy

      Flo and Daisy die and end up in heaven.Whilst their they get chatting. "How did you die then Flo" asks Daisy."Oh" says Flo "I froze to death". "good hevens" says Daisy"that sounds teribble". "Oh no" says Flo "Once I got really cold I just went to sleep and didn't wake up it was fine really, so how did you die". "Well" Says Daisy "I was convinced my husband ws having an affaire so I came home early to catch him out. However he was sat on his own watching T.V. As I didn't believe him I ran all over the house looking every where for his floosy and after I had finnished I was so tiered I had a heart attack and died" ."Oh" said Flo " you should have looked in the freezer then we'ed both stil be alive"

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      hehehehe like it :D



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